Brooksville is in its Third Century!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Winter of 2022

Visiting Hours: Closed for the winter

1214/22 Regular meeting at the Town House at 4:30 p.m. 

Come at 3:30 to help stuff our year-end mailing.


New location and landscaping
Climate Controlled Archive Room 
{Keeping Temperature and Humidity at Ideal Set Points}
The Brooksville Historical Society is a tax-exempt [501-(c)-3] charitable organization entirely run by volunteers.  Donations allow us to maintain the town's museum and research Brooksville's history, and are very much appreciated. Your contributions are always welcome! 

Send to:  BHS, P.O. box 91, Brooksville, ME 04617, and thank you!


A Few Examples:

Maritime History of Brooksville

Brooksville: Then and Now

Tales of ships, shipyards, and mariners in and from Brooksville.

A Compilation of Photographs from the past with current pictures taken from as close to the original vantage points. The first printing sold out, new copies available at the Brooksville Public Library or to have a copy mailed to you send $24 to BHS, P.O. box 91, Brooksville, ME 04617.

We also have a stockpile of Brooksville Histories, Military Records, Cemetery Records and other Historical Paraphernalia! Reasonably priced.

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The Brooksville Historical 
Society Museum Building has MOVED! And it is now better looking than ever!

(not too far, same address, better foundation!)

The society's museum of historical artifacts, which had been housed in a converted boathouse on temporary piers, was moved onto a permanent foundation this Spring. The collection includes
 marine artifacts, farming and blacksmith tools, kitchen utensils and other household items.

Genealogical information including journals, bound family histories, photographs and compilations 
by researchers of cemeteries and vital records are on site and the expanded lower level space allows for safer archival storage.

Visiting Hours: Sunday and Wednesday afternoons this summer from 1-4 p.m.
Brooksville Historical Society Museum
 [look for the sign]
                        Route 176, Brooksville Corner, Brooksville, ME 04617

For further information contact:
Deb Grimmig  dgrimmig@myfairpoint.net    (207) 326-8788.  
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